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Tuning is, as one might expect, the most commonly performed piano service.¬†Over time, as a piano gets played, and as environmental changes occur, its 220+ strings begin to drift out of tune. It is advisable that the average home piano be tuned at least every six months, in order to accommodate seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. Churches, studios, and other institutions whose pianos see more frequent use should consider  

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having their instruments tuned immediately before major performances.

Pianos which have not been tuned on a regular basis typically require an overall pitch adjustment (usually from being flat) in order to bring them to standard A440 pitch before fine tuning can be done. In addition to making a piano sound its best, routine tuning allows a technician to assess its overall condition and perform light maintenance in order to prevent major problems that may appear later.

While noisy environments and other factors occasionally make it more convenient to tune with the aid of an electronic device, I typically fine tune every instrument using traditional aural methods, relying on my trusty ears to achieve a well-balanced, musical blend.





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