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In the case of an older piano, or one that has simply seen a lot of use, it may be necessary to perform a complete overhaul of the instrument and its various parts in order to restore it to a more playable condition. This can involve reconditioning old parts by cleaning and replacing felts and cloth bushings, or by completely replacing them with brand new ones.  Such work will invariably provide a more precise feel to the keys and make playing the piano much more pleasurable. Additionally, installing a new set of hammers or new strings can absolutely breathe new life into a "dead" sounding instrument.

I am quite happy to work with clients to discuss the various restoration options available and develop a plan that works within their needs and budget.

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Being made primarily of wood, felt, and leather, piano parts tend to wear out or even break as they age. A skilled technician possesses the knowledge and skills to diagnose and fix most any problem inside of a piano, from sticking keys to broken hammers or strings.  Many basic repairs can even be performed during a routine tuning, so it is important to schedule regular service calls in order to keep your instrument in optimal condition.





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