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hammers, as well as between pedals and dampers.

Through repeated use and environmental changes,these parts eventually work their way out of alignment, and regulation is required to restore them to optimal working condition.  Even brand new instruments tend to need adjustment as they become "broken in."  Light adjustments to one or two keys can usually be made as part of a standard tuning service call, but if, overall,  your piano simply doesn't seem to play as well as it once did, a complete regulation job may be in order. This is typically a day-long process that can be done right in the home (or studio, venue, etc.).

Occasionally, it may be necessary to remove the action from the instrument and bring it to the shop in order to perform more extensive preliminary reconditioning work, as worn out parts can make proper regulation all but impossible.  This is something that can be discussed during initial consultation.

Action regulation describes the process of adjusting the way a piano “feels" to a musician when it is being played, although it also contributes greatly to the tone that is produced when the hammers strike the strings.  Inside the piano is a complicated series of perfectly balanced levers, springs, and other parts designed to provide consistent and controlled movement between keys and





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